There are many compelling reasons for getting all your data in one location and avoiding data silos. Cardinality can propel your big data journey or improve your existing solution, even if you have data silos, the platform can sit on top to maximise any investment to date.

Customer Experience Management

Accurately rate per-Customer Experience. Using multiple data points including actual customers’ feedback, not just one (e.g. CDRs), we provide industry-leading per-customer Network Promoter Scores. Combining this with best-in-class reporting/visualisations means your Support, Network, Customer Care, Marketing, Strategy teams and senior management can truly see customer experience. Cardinality has achieved the true ‘Segment of One’ in near real time, across the network, with 200+ KPIs per subscriber.

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Cell Experience

View KPIs per sector 24/7, to truly see how you are performing and drastically reduce expensive drive testing. From latency to per customer throughput, from call success rate to VoIP MPD all in one place. Standard and bespoke dashboards down to per-customer detail, empowering your teams with the best knowledge. The best way to optimise and improve your network.

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Service Management

Understand all your services in real time with predefined KPIs visualised 'out of the box', or customise your own. See service trends, understand when service is degrading and fix it fast, no need to wait for network platforms to raise alarms or customers to complain. Get ahead of the competition with class leading service supported by Cardinality.

Service Assurance

Benchmark your service level and monitor it as customers experience it. Visualise all your KPIs from high level graphical dashboards to drill downs, allowing you to identify where issues are developing in the fastest time possible. With automation and AI, raise ticket cases and automate fixes where appropriate. Result: stay ahead of your competition.

SoC – Service Operations Centre

Cardinality can ingest user and control path data from all your network and business platforms/systems, regardless of manufacturer, into your existing data lake or a greenfield storage (cloud or on-premise). Data is enriched on the way in and we use advanced analytics, pattern analysis and AI to extract the most value/insight from this data. Combine this with top-of-the-range visualisation, dashboards and reporting (either 'out of the box' or customised) to create the ideal solution for your SoC. Report on all services in near real-time, determine root causes in record time, improve customer experience and brand image. Reduce churn and stand out from the crowd.

Fraud & Security

Identifying fraud is an ongoing challenge for all operators. It directly impacts profit and can be detrimental to customer experience. Identify unusual usage patterns automatically, such as reporting on false IMEIs and multiple SIMs in one device. Get actionable reports suited to your needs and improve profits.

Operational Intelligence

Make fast decisions based on near real-time data from your Network. Get the highest level of run time from your investment. Spot trends that could result in issues. Determine root causes in the shortest time by having an end-to-end view of the service and the systems that support it. Automate resolutions/ticket creation where possible using AI. Be prepared for AI, it is critical for the growth which IoT will bring.

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Churn Reduction

Improve service for the customer. With one or more of the products/solutions provided by Cardinality you can do just that. Know individual customers' experience or segments of customers – tailor your message to them, from simple dashboards for customer contact points to proactive Sales and Marketing messages. Optimise the network based on class-leading KPIs, from service level down to sector level, even per customer. You can then focus resources where they can do the most for your customers and your profit.

Device/Terminal Intelligence

Report on all aspects of devices on your network, with simple device reports showing the type, how many and what OS. There are many rogue devices damaging customer experience, so become empowered to act. Can you switch off 2G? How many 2G-only devices and PoS are on your network? Tailor your marketing and upsell opportunities to the customer: fraud detection – IMEI number reports, multiple SIM in one device reports, SIM box identification are a few examples. Correlate OS updates to network issues or anomalies which could go undetected, but impact service. These are some of the many advantages of having advanced Device Intelligence.