Mobile operators are facing a tough time in the market place, with more customers keeping their phones after their contract period, it’s very easy to move from one network to another.

Operational Intelligence provides the ability to truly understand your network and manage it the best way for customers and across the business. Report the customer impact of an issue. Resolve issues in near real time without the need for human intervention. Maximise the up time of your network.

In markets where price is no longer the key differentiator, quality of experience has become more critical than ever before.

Access to precise and timely data allows the Operator to define and build the most cost effective strategy while improving margins.

With the future explosion of IoT, operating the best network and standing out from the competition is essential to minimise churn, improve network appeal and maximise profit.

Cardinality specialises in producing relevant network metrics, KPIs, efficient visualisation, automation and AI to provide the operator with instant insight on key issues and, where possible, automated fault fix.

With Cardinality’s solution & automation:

  • Identify customer impacting issues that legacy tools are not aware of
  • Recognise & mitigate changes to the network
  • Spot abnormal patterns in usage by location, by service, by customers
  • Ascertain potential fraud risks
  • Categorise network/customer impacts and prioritise fixes against value sets

The Cardinality solution provides an operator with the edge required:

  • Reduce delays, remedy the network in the shortest time possible
  • Identify service degradation. Where is the problem in the network - is it the device, a specific app or a third-party web server?
  • Know the problem and have the answer before the customer calls
  • Understand exactly where to prioritise your investment in the network, not based on coverage but on the user experience and the categorisation of your end customers

Operational Intelligence In Action

Key Features

Improve user experience (NPS/CSI) by knowing your true network/service performance.

Reduce churn.

Increase service efficiency – Operational Intelligence in real time.

Predict service degradation, detect issues and resolve them before customers notice.

Perform changes with heightened monitoring, protecting the expected level of service.

Reduce costs: Resolve the issue quickly and respond to the customers fast to minimise any brand damage. Access to faster quality data, leads to faster fixes.

Prioritise resources based on service priority. Issue impact analysis. All networks have issues, which should you fix first.

Implement new services in shorter time.

Dashboards for all business areas. Provide insight on service for all key areas. Easily customisable reports.

Strategy Development: Analysing the usage of existing service will provide actionable insights for creating the best strategy for your customers benefit and your profit. A strategy based on real network / service data, not based on assumptions