Any business has the goal to exceed customer expectations and increase their profits. This is usually achieved by understanding the needs of their customers, providing a high quality of service and as a result, exceeding all of their customer expectations. This also stands for Mobile Operators who historically, with legacy systems, have found it almost impossible to achieve.

Existing solutions provided by equipment manufacturers or third-party suppliers, never really looked at the performance to an individual level, it was more an average “feeling” across the whole network and mostly based on radio performance statistics.

In near real time, wouldn’t you like to know?

  • Which pre-paid customers have sold their contract phone and replaced it?
  • What phones do your post-paid customers have?
  • Which customers are having a bad experience that is directly related to their phone, third party website and not the network?
  • Which customers are heavy data users and only have a 3G capable device?
  • Which customers only have a 2G device?
  • 2G Network – Can you turn it off? Who are the mobile phone account holders and what other devices use 2G, e.g. POS, Smart Meters, car trackers
  • Has there been an Android or iOS upgrade affecting either the network or device performance?
  • Historical performance of both user behaviour and device, now and 12 months ago.
  • How to improve customer experience for your most valued customers simply by upgrading their device?
  • Which phones are ‘rogue’ handsets that effect network performance, capacity and user experience e.g. ‘GCF’ non-compliant devices?

Be Informed – Know Your Customer!

Device Analytics is a simple step to improving and monitoring Customer Experience Management. In a matter of days Cardinality can provide you totally new insights to your customers.

By deploying our solution, Cardinality can take new data feeds and provide a true Customer Experience model. For the first time, and in real time across the network, you can monitor and create value.

Network savings can be made due to more precise network planning. Additional information that helps to understand network behaviour in more detail enables greater optimisation and prioritisation, leading to savings and a higher customer experience.

IoT and M2M devices are characterised with peak traffic similar to average, with activity that is mostly scheduled. This is the opposite to the customers’ usage model with high peaks of data throughput.

Understanding the numbers of each type of device, their activity and characteristics improves network planning, ensures savings on network spend and upgrades through improved optimisation.

Device Analytics In Action

Key Features

Improve network performance by knowing and understanding who and what has the largest impact - it is not necessarily the biggest users.

Improved decision making and strategic planning. Knowing what devices are on your network will influence decisions.

Fraud identification and prevention. Report on multiple SIMs in one device.

Understand your customer, tailor your offers.

Identify inefficient devices. Not all devices use network resources efficiently. Identify ones that are damaging the experience of other customers around them.

When marketing the best devices for your network, target customers whose devices consume too many valuable network resources.  Not all devices are network friendly. Optimise quality for all.

Optimise your radio network.

Empower Marketing to drive sales and reduce churn - all to improve the network.

Quickly identify issues related to devices or device software.