The telecom industry is a complex one, but like most sectors it relies on getting new customers and satisfying the needs of its existing customers. Among the many major costs incurred while running a mobile phone network, operating a radio network is one of the largest.

At Cardinality, our tools and services enhance the value of that investment by ensuring your customers receive the best service it can offer. Our reporting focuses at the network, cell and subscriber level, ensuring a 360-degree view of your service.

This powerful tool continuously monitors your cellular network and ensures your attention is drawn to areas where it is most needed.

Using Cardinality’s Cell Experience tool, you can verify each cell’s optimal performance when it is first implemented, then continue to monitor it in real time to ensure that it continues to perform at the same level. Essentially, you get nearly the same level of insight as drive testing, but for your entire network, all the time, based on the actual experience of your customers.

Cell Experience In Action

Key Features

Proactive response: Forecast impacting issues before alarms are raised by instantly spotting dips in service - be it slower data throughput, less attaches or increased latency.

Prioritise resources: Empower the business to identify the real customer impact of an element of your network not performing and focus scarce resources where they can have the biggest impact first.

Optimise and give service assurance: Identify the functionality of the cluster of cells at different time points. Spot such anomalies with ease and ensure you give the best service you can to your customers.