ETL Engine

In near real-time, Cardinality Perception creates a highly enriched data cube by adding information such as location, device type, software version, tariff and customer demographics to engineering data. We leverage advanced machine learning and clustering algorithms to categorise applications and/or services empowering high value operational transformation across an organisation, including Marketing, Customer Services, Engineering and Business Teams.

Business & Finance

  • Cell profitability
  • Tariff profitability
  • Future Network Investment Analysis


  • Radio Analytics
  • Congestion Analytics
  • Video Analytics
  • Location Based Analytics
  • Network Performance

Customer Services

  • Near RT customer issues
  • Churn Prediction & Prevention
  • Customer Loyalty


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Segment of One
  • Device & Tariff Upsell
  • New Tariffs
  • Content Upsell
  • OTT impact