Cardinality had a great week in Nice at the TM Forum Digital Transformation World in May, with the highlight being the ‘Data Anonymizing API’ Catalyst project, that addresses challenges of data protection. Catalyst comprises Vodafone and Orange Telecom as champions and BrytLyt, Liverpool John Moores University and 5G Innovation Center hosted by University of Surrey as participants.

The main focus for Cardinality is the trade-off between keeping appropriate level of information that will allow usage of advanced analytical algorithms (based on machine learning and deep learning in the future) but will not expose (e.g. mobile networks, banks, healthcare) users’ privacy. Cardinality used this opportunity with some of the champions and participants to present API functionalities that were available through an online demo created as a part of the Catalyst. Cardinality, with the partners, has demonstrated the usage of several anonymization and pseudo-anonymization techniques including K-anonymization, numeric discretization of logistic values one-way randomization and other techniques.

The Catalyst stand garnered great interest amongst visitors from a number of operators including Orange, Telenor, British Telecom, China Telecom, IBM, Amazon, PNB Paribas and Nice authorities. Most often mentioned use cases by visitors included data anonymization for sharing with third party companies providing services from marketing to network optimization, data sharing among group companies and usage of data analytics tools in cloud.

The panel discussion was about “Getting More from your Networks with Analytics and AI”. Benefits from introducing AI in the network operation as per Cardinality’s experience in providing automated solutions based on data analytics, including machine learning and other types of AI was the main focus for us. Possibilities for automated network optimization, individual users’ behaviour in the network, proactive problem detection and virtual drive testing had been described from the perspective of network performance improvements.