ETL Engine

ETL Engine

The ETL Engine handles the ingestion of data and provides the ability to perform complex data enrichment and KPI creation during the loading of the data.

Additionally, the ETL Engine offers the opportunity to simultaneously write data to multiple places with a "single read". Writing to more than one location allows processed data to be immediately available to operational functions without having to reprocess it from Hadoop to a more suitable storage type (such as MongoDB).

Cardinality offers its ETL technology as a standalone product for customers who have already commenced on their Big Data journey, our ETL can be added to their existing data solution for maximum benefit. Or, as part of a new greenfield development.

Benefits of ETL

  • Standardise data feed implementation which allows for speedy deliverable of new data into the system.
  • Ingest massive amounts of data – It does not matter whether the incoming data has explicit or implicit structure, you can rapidly load into Hadoop, where it is available for down-stream analytic processes.
  • Offload the transformation of raw data by parallel processing at scale – Additionally you can perform the traditional ETL tasks of cleansing, normalizing, aligning, and aggregating data for your Enterprise Data Warehouse by employing the massive scalability of MapReduce.
  • Performance is key - As there is a need to process enormous volumes of data, taking care of aspects such as data quality and data monitoring are crucial.
  • Scale and manageability - Provides solution for managing and scaling data pipelines, which can otherwise be a daunting task.