Steve Preston

Chief Executive Officer

Steve is an accomplished CEO with over 25 years' true global experience in the Telco industry. His previous executive position was the CEO and board member of Norconsult Telematics; a telco services and software solutions global company based out of the Middle East with global operations. Before joining Norconsult, Steve spent 11 years at Aircom International; a telco software and software company. He was instrumental in the business' global growth from a couple of offices to 18, between 2000 and 2011. This included two exits. Steve has also served in a number of executive and non-executive board roles covering Software and Services globally in other companies which have included growth followed by business exits.

Tim Fielden

Chief Operating Officer

Tim brings over 20 years' experience in telecoms, including 17 driving value with O2 UK. He has delivered major infrastructure projects focused on business transformation, in terms of scale, while reducing costs and adding features which led to improved customer experience and drove up profitability. Most recently, Tim led the mobile data core through an era of massive growth, brought on by the smartphone revolution. During this time, he and his team worked on ways to utilise network and business data to better understand network performance and customer experience. The results drove smarter investment decisions as well as ensuring that Marketing and Customer Engagement groups had timely customer insights and were equipped to leverage and engage with current and future subscribers.

Prashant Kumar

CTO & Co-founder

Before founding Cardinality, Prashant spent over a decade working with major telecommunications service providers like Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Hutchison (3), and AT&T. During this time, he was the architect of some of the biggest online charging solutions (handling the real time rating and quality of service (QoS) of over 20 million concurrent subscribers). Whilst working for Telefonica UK he was responsible for the solution architecture of their big data analytics solution; he evaluated potential suppliers and prototyping approaches, architected the solution and assisted in the implementation of one of Europe’s largest Hadoop clusters. Prashant has a Master's degree from London School of Economics, focusing on System Design in Context and a Bachelor's degree in software engineering focusing on designing scalable business data systems and mobile communication protocols.

Martin Ganski

Head of Global Sales & Co-founder

Martin has led Business Development functions in a diverse range of industries since the start of the millennium. Before founding Cardinality, he helped establish another company in the UK called Projex-Cellular Infrastructure to provide specialist services such as indoor and Wi-Fi planning for the United Kingdom 2012 Olympics. Projex-CI’s presence in the UK grew significantly during Martin’s tenure and now provides a vast array of well-regarded products and services. Prior to Projex-CI, Martin has been involved in several business catalyst organisations including a Mobile Banking company in Latin America, a MVNO managed services company, and a mobile reselling business. One of his start-ups in Mexico built a multi-million $US telecom services revenue stream. During the 1990s Martin worked for Ericsson in both the United Kingdom and Latin America so he understands the intricacies of working in a culturally diverse global marketplace.

Stephen Tyler

Head of Programme Management

Stephen brings over 10 years' experience of Telco projects and deployments to Cardinality. He has experience working with operators across the globe and was instrumental in the successful implementation of the world’s largest PM system at AT&T. Additionally, he has experience across many industries including Life Sciences, Automotive and Insurance. Having been both the purchaser and provider of solutions, Stephen brings a strong value-based focus when proactively engaging with customers. Also, from being immersed in the regulated world of Medical Device, he has a strong quality and compliance focus. All of these aspects are brought to bear whether overseeing customer engagements or working directly with R&D to ensure that our commitments to the market are met.