Cardinality was founded in 2015 to address the growing challenges of Big Data Analytics and provide powerful insights. We strive to deliver value and drive change for our customers, with purpose-built products and best-in-class solutions. This, combined with our in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges facing a future-focused business, helps deliver true change and commercial advantage.

We have solved the Telco Big Data problem

We are proven across all aspects of the telco environment, including customer experience management, network performance, operational intelligence, data and voice quality, marketing, finance and subscriber management.

Cardinality’s Perception Platform comprises the ETL Engine and Analytics Engine. It has an open and flexible set of software tools which have been designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of modern analytics software. Our 'Out of the Box' applications can integrate with existing big data clusters, data warehouses and visualisation tools. There are no financial penalties for data growth.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions help your business to predict the needs of customers in a several ways. Truly understand customers usage by learning what they do where and when. Tailor-make products and services based on individual customers' behaviour. Detect and anticipate network issues/incidents and prevent unpleasant outcomes for your customers with self-healing based on fully understanding network service/performance.

Cardinality’s focus and drive means our products constantly evolve to meet the ever-growing data needs of business. We believe in deep analytics to expose the underlying and hidden value in network and customer data, and we desire to work in partnership so the maximum value can be returned to our clients.

Experience - Innovation - Value - Partnership


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