Customer Experience Management (CEM)

ETL Engine

The key products offered by Cardinality are Customer Experience Management (CEM), Cell Experience and Operational Intelligence. The open and flexible set of software tools, which are available, have been designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of modern analytics software.

Modern operators are increasingly focused on the needs of their customers, and with the escalating complexity of huge volumes of data in the telecom industry, it becomes challenging to concentrate on each and every individual. Cardinality realizes the customer-operator relationship as an asset, and focuses on Customer Experience Management to give the best user experience. The application exemplifies the customer journey, mapping across various networks and services, but ensures it abides by the subscriber privacy policy.

Improving customer experience and loyalty are key for driving down churn and reducing the volume of calls in to customer care, and maximising profit.

It is easy to monitor, respond and track every important moment along the customer journey with valuable customer feedback through this application. The process is completed by collecting customer data from all possible touchpoints, through powerful text analysis and predictive intelligence, identifying key drivers of customer experience and following up with customers with close-the-loop feedback.

To utilize this massive amount of information, an effective and modern customer experience management tool is required. Cardinality provides that platform and channelizes the data for meaningful answers to questions raised by service operations and customer care centres in order to optimize the telco customer experience.

Managing the customer experience and understanding the customers’ journey is crucial for building a brand, gaining loyalty, advocacy and retention. The application uses a system which leverages a common framework for maximum reusability and extensibility.

Benefits of CEM

  • Important for decision making regarding marketing campaigns and service packaging which helps in boosting operator revenues.
  • Improves customer satisfaction, which helps gain loyalty and decrease churn rate. This increases profitability.
  • Helps in understanding the customer behavior and their needs.
  • Focus on priority areas for investment and eliminate over-investment or trivial expenses.
  • Keep focus on high revenue generating areas to avoid outage and balance investing in low priority areas.
  • Closely monitor customer experience issues and take action immediately, even before complaints are made.
  • Reduced customer care interactions and thereby driving down costs.