Analytics Engine

ETL Engine

Cardinality’s Analytics Engine provides customers with fast and efficient processing of business and application data. Adding the Engine to an existing Big Data Platform allows our customers to create their own data sets for use in operational functions for delivery to other systems or departments across the organization or by utilizing built in visualization functions.

The Analytics Engine can read data from any source on the platform, embed or integrate to your applications, and extract valuable information for consumption. Complex, sets of queries can be linked so that new insights can be delivered to the business. These can be executed Ad-Hoc, or via a schedule.

Our powerful analytics engine ensures quick processing and satisfaction to customers. We propel performance for large data volumes and real time analytics with hardware acceleration technology at lower cost.

Deploying this platform can help you save a fairly good amount of time and money and identifying root cause becomes comparatively easier. Needs rewording.

Benefits of Analytics Engine

  • Offers insight into network operations, reducing costs associated with resource utilization and network downtime.
  • Gathers and correlates data from multiple sources, encouraging capacity planning, application deployment and troubleshooting.
  • Designed in such a way that it supports third-party network devices.
  • Makes it easier to detect performance problems and determine whether they originated in the network or an application.
  • Equips staff to be more proactive and productive during times of network or application failure as they can quickly perform the root cause analysis.
  • Network level all the way down to the segment of one.
  • Marketing, reporting by demographic classifications, tariff life cycle, usage profile, satisfaction level, value profile and many other ways of exploring and understanding your customer.
  • Helps understand the finance aspect involving who spends what and where – the area of focus for the investment, know the network and the customer as never before.
  • Detect fraud – Identifies unusual usage and spending profiles in near real time.